Blogs from October, 2019

Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC

Although there are many cover options available to the consumer, only a few of them actually work properly and are safe to use. Two commonly used options, solid pool covers and tarps, trap rain water on top of the cover and cause it to begin to sink. In order to remove the surface water, you have to pump water off of the cover to keep debris from plugging your sump pump- this is almost as much work as not having the pool covered at all! It’s virtually impossible to remove all of the water off the solid cover, so when swimming season comes along and it’s time to remove the cover hundreds of pounds of water may still be trapped on top of the cover. Sometimes, the runoff even ends up in the pool which can contaminate the clean water underneath. The solid cover is also not anchored securely around the pool, creating a safety hazard if someone were to fall in as solid covers will close in around whatever falls in it. I hope we’ve established that a solid cover on the swimming pool with water bag anchors is NOT the BEST solution! Other choices include fishnet-style mesh covers with blowup floating bags to keep the mesh cover from sinking to the bottom. The problem with these is trying to keep the floating pillows stationary in the pool. That being said, there are a couple of good AND safe alternatives: Anchor Industries and Loop Loc. Both make mesh covers out of trampoline type material, and Loop Loc is one of the best Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC has used! We have been a dealer for Loop Loc for decades- these mesh covers “filter out” all but the finest of debris and don’t require any floats because they are stretched tight with springs and anchors. This ensures that 1. The cover will stay in place, 2. Any water on top of the cover will pass through, and 3. You can continue to run your automatic pool cleaners under this cover. The initial installation is labor-intensive and the cover is the pricier option, but we has never had a client that was regretful of their purchase for a Loop Loc pool cover! For a more budget-friendly option, Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC also recommends Anchor Industries. If safety is a top priority, many covers are “UL listed” as safety covers meaning that they will protect your pets and loved ones from a potential entrapment situation if an accident were to occur. You can find them at, or call us today at (972) 221-6507 to get an estimate on installation and purchase today!