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Plano Swimming Pool Chemical Maintenance

Pool Chemical Balancing & Pricing in North Texas

Budget pool services and handymen can make a pool look good for a while but are you really saving money? While your pool may be clear, it is also being prematurely worn out. Physical appearance doesn’t always prove that everything is okay. This is a similar principle to chemical level maintenance. We understand that oxidizers and sanitizes are hard on pool surfaces and equipment and feel additional chemicals are a must in proper water chemistry to protect your investment and prolong its life.

Contact our pool specialists to learn more about our swimming pool chemical balancing services in Plano & surrounding areas in North Texas.

Pool Chemical Balancing Plans

Our service starts as low as $135.00 per month. We strive to ensure that your pool chemical levels do not suffer from a lack of attention and cause drastic fluctuation. We take great care with our pool procedures to ensure our customers can always have the best possible experience with their pools. We offer advanced chemicals most pool cleaners do not to ensure the health of your pool.

Our Swimming Pool Chemicals List includes:

  • Shock (calcium hypocloride)
  • Chlorine Tabs (as a sanitizer)
  • Acid (to lower PH)
  • Soda Ash (to raise PH)
  • Algaecide
  • Shock (trichlor - 99% usable material, 1% inert materials)
  • Calcium (tested and added separately to avoid scaling)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (to raise alkalinity the base for pool water)
  • Phosphate Remover (helps prevent algae growth)
  • Enzyme (helps prevent chlorine smell, burning eyes, and bathtub ring. Also helps remove organic materials, suntan oils, and body oils)
  • Sequestering Agent (helps keep iron, copper, and other metals in water, not on pool surface)
  • Shock Booster (used to make chlorine already in water more productive)

This is advanced pool chemistry. While we can’t stop your pool from aging, we can slow it down at a cost that is fair and competitive. We are as much as $100.00 less per month than some of our competitors.

Protect your investment!

Ask about our weekly pool maintenance services,
which include regular chemical testing!

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Try Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC for a month. If your water doesn’t look, feel, or smell better you only pay for the labor and we will pay for the chemicals we used and for the chemicals to return your pool chemistry to how it was originally tested. Based in Plano, we provide services to Lewisville, Frisco, and throughout North Texas.

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