Blogs from November, 2019

Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC

What is a freeze protection device? Does it affect my heater? Do I need a heater? All valid questions when winter is coming up! Freeze protection devices do not require heat or a heater. They simply turn on your filter pump automatically (and other pump driven devices) when the air temperature drops to around 36 degrees or less.

These devices need to be tested on an automated system, as well as a mechanical system that has air temperature sensors. You can test these devices by putting the temperature sensor in a glass of ice water. Some water features on swimming pools should be winterized instead of freeze protected. We also check for leaks, and your pumps and plumbing to make sure equipment doesn’t lose it's prime during long periods of use! Contact Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC, and we would be happy to do that for you and test your devices.