Blogs from March, 2020

Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC

We are quickly coming up on Spring 2020 Pool Season! I know many pool owners, especially new pool owners, are wondering: what needs to be done for my pool? It’s imperative that your filter be taken apart, cleaned, and inspected. Regal Custom Pools offers filter service to our customers at a low rate, so call our office! We can do a full spectrum analysis of all chemicals, since chemicals necessary to maintain proper water balance get depleted in the winter months. It is recommended that this is done before water temperatures reach high degrees - otherwise, you may begin to find algae in your pool.

Salt systems need to be taken apart, serviced, and cleaned. Before we add salt, we usually wait for temperatures to be in the low 70’s. We also consider heavy rains that may wash out and deplete the chemicals.

Back-wash valve service includes disassembly, lubrication, and if needed, replacement of O-rings on valves. Back-washing becomes necessary in the spring months. Also, it’s always a good time to check that your pool and spa lights are properly protected with GFCI breakers that are functioning properly. Our technicians can make sure your equipment is safe to operate for the upcoming spring and summer pool season!

Call our office at (972)-221-6507 or go to our website at Regal Pools will be happy to take care of all of your preseason needs!