Pool Remodeling Services in North Texas

Chemical Levels

Have you seen a three-eyed fish in your pool? Are your children and friends scared of swimming in your pool because they saw the swamp thing treading water towards them? If you can say yes to any of these questions, run away! Get to the phone and call Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC as soon as you can! These are all signs that your pool’s chemical levels are off balance and are allowing disturbing and unnatural things to make your swimming pool their home. The chemicals that go into your pool’s filter and dispensation systems, are there to keep the water clean, remove infectious bodies and keep debris from clogging the pool.

If you do not properly maintain the right chemical balances in your pools, then you are looking at potential disasters. Your children might grow extra fingers and toes, while may develop a condition that turns you into Bigfoot! No one wants to be so afflicted! When you see that your pool’s chemical reading are abnormal, or if the water changes, that is the best time to give us a call and have the superman-like pool people solves your devolutionary problems.