Blogs from September, 2013

Pool repair

Texas is a huge state for pools, and that’s a good thing considering the dry heat that pervades our state. When you take into consideration our size, and the distance most of us would have to go to travel to a beach for the day, then it starts to make a lot of sense to have your own pool, or make sure your have lots of friends with swimming pools. There are however two major problems with having your own pool, that might make it seem not worth your while. These factors are the cost of having a pool built, and the maintenance that you will have to perform to keep your swimming pools in optimal condition.

What we can do for you is twofold. A number of pool building companies want to build your pool, collect and get out of their with the check. Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC likes to develop relationships with our clients, so when we are called in to repair your pool, we will deliver effective service in a timely fashion to inspire your confidence in us. We will also sit down with you, and help you discover how we can help you make your pool more appealing to you, so that it feels like you are at the beach with a mojito, rather than at a pool in your backyard.