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Other Services We Are Proud to Provide

  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Equipment Repairs & Replacement
  • Salt Systems
  • Electrical (state license # 483)
  • Leak Detection
  • Installation and Repair of Automated Systems
  • Nogsys (for people sensitive to chemicals)
  • Remodeling design and outdoor living areas.
  • Vinyl liner replacements.

At Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC we want your pool looking good all week long not just on the day we come or day after we leave. Our employees are not just pool cleaners I call them techs. we don’t just clean your pool we maintain your investment. Our goal is to make sure your pools equipment is working at its peak performance. Our techs have been trained in water chemistry by chemists and not chemical manufactures, that is why our techs know why they are adding chemicals not just how to add them. Next we have replacement parts on our service vehicles that keep your pool running and operating flawlessly and install most of those parts for free.

Included In Our Service:

  1. A comprehensive and ongoing overview of your pool by a highly trained professional, all the pools parts from valves to jets, from programming to pumps will be tuned to work harmoniously together to keep your pool sparkling clean and to help cut energy costs.
  2. Check water level; Add water while we are there or lower water level if too high. (pool owner will need to add water between visits as needed, please make arrangements to have someone fill pool if you are going to be out of town.)
  3. Check chemicals: Chlorine, PH, and total alkalinity per visit; Water hardness and stabilizer as needed.
  4. Add and balance chemicals: This may take several weeks after rain, filling of pool, or adding excessive amounts of water.
  5. Equipment: Clean pump basket; Backwash as needed; Visual check for leaks that may cause damage to equipment.
  6. Clean pool sweep and skimmer baskets; Brush pool and spa walls, steps, love seat, and bottom when dirt is present; Net floating debris.

Also Included In Our Service:

  1. Cleaning aforementioned and chemicals. (25% of your pools salt annually, specialty chemicals additional)
  2. Free service calls.*
  3. Discounts on major and minor repairs.
  4. Emergency service and advice.
  5. One free net, pole and brush if needed.


  1. Pool equipment must be adequate for size of pool and work properly.
  2. A working pool sweep.
  3. Serious leaks in pool must be repaired.
  4. Limited service area.
  5. Deposit required on houses for sale or rent. Two-month minimum.
  6. Pool / chemicals must have been reasonably kept up to avoid start-up charge.
  7. Pools needing plaster or having algae or potential algae problems will need additional chemical treatments. (some treatments not included in regular service) 8. Pools with heavily treed yards may need to be covered or excessive debris charges may apply.


The number of visits varies from month-to-month and season-to-season. Four to five visits per month, spring, summer and fall. Two to three visits in winter (our winter schedule), averaging approximately four visits per month or 48 visits annually. Closed between Christmas and New year’s day This allows you to pay for pool service when you need it. Your price for your pool has been calculated based on pool size, amount of trees and shrubs, condition of equipment, plumbing, pool surface, and type and condition of pool sweep.


Security is an important consideration when hiring a service company. Some service companies can’t tell you what day or who will be in your backyard servicing your pool. Numerous companies hire part time or “summer help” with little experience or training to aid with an overload of customers. If a service company isn’t sure whom they are sending out to your house week-to-week or when they are coming, how sure can you be about that company?

Note to Pool Owner

As your service company we ask that you give us an allowance to do minor repairs and maintenance on your pool such as, plumbing leaks, replacement of baskets and repairs on pool sweeps. This will allow us to complete these minor problems without having to contact you. These repairs will be billed on your monthly statement.

It is imperative that pump and skimmer baskets, pool sweep baskets/nets and water level be checked by the pool owner between our visits to avoid excessive debris charges. If you have trees on your property, skimmer baskets can fill with debris in a matter of hours during certain parts of the season. Water levels can drop drastically in summer months with evaporation and heavy bather loads. Evaporation will also happen in winter months when water temperature is higher than air temperature. These events can cause expensive repair costs.

Additional visits may be needed if you are out of town. Please call us to make arrangements. As we are out only once a week and have no control over access to your property or bather loads, ultimately operation of your pool and its chemicals is your responsibility. We have trained techs available to help if you have a problem or if you are having a party, please keep us informed.

Our pool service is generally done on Tuesdays Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays we reserve for weather days depending on your area. In cases of bad weather, your pool will be serviced the next serviceable day (excluding Sundays). This means we will need access to your pool all week. If you have a keyed lock on your gate, a combination lock will be provided for you at no additional cost.

Additional Services

Additional visits…… $45.00 per visit (most average sized pools)

Excessive debris: Storm, excessive leaves, dirt from flooding....$40.00 per half hr. plus chemicals. Additional chemicals from wash-out. $15.00 to $35.00(average)

Filter service (DE and Cartridge Filters)……$110.00 per service.

Valve and O-ring lubrication…..$35.00 per valve. Vac pool $15.00

*Pool Re-surfacing, tile, coping, deck repairs/replacements, pool covers, plumbing and equipment repairs/replacements, leak detection, “Deck-O-Seal”, and much more.

CHEMICALS….. The lifeline and longevity of your pool!

Budget pool services and handymen can make a pool look good for a while but are you really saving money?

Average chemical list from our competitors;

1) Shock (Calcium Hypocloride)

2) Chlorine Tabs (Sanitizer)

3) Acid (Lower PH)

4) Soda Ash (Raise PH)

5) Algaecide

This is pool chemistry 101. Yes your pool may be clear but it is also being prematurely worn out. We understand that Oxidizers/Sanitizers are hard on pool surfaces and equipment, and feel these additional chemicals are a must in proper water chemistry to protect your investment and prolong its life.

Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC also add to you pool;

6) Shock (Trichlor. 99% usable material, 1% inert materials.)

7) Calcium (Tested and added separately to avoid scaling.)

8) Sodium Bicarbonate (To raise alkalinity the base for pool water.)

9) Phosphate Remover (Helps prevent algae growth).

10) Enzyme (Helps prevent chlorine smell, burning eyes, bath tub ring; Helps remove organic materials and suntan oils, body oils.)

11) Sequestering Agent (Helps keep iron, copper and other metals in water, not on pool surface.)

12) Shock Booster (Used to make chlorine already in water more productive.)

This is advanced pool chemistry. We can’t stop your pool from ageing but we can slow it down at a cost that is fair and competitive. We are as much as $100.00 LESS PER MONTH than some of our competitors.

Take our challenge

Try us for a month. If your water doesn’t look, feel or smell better you only pay for the labor, we pay for the chemicals and we pay for the chemicals to return your pool’s chemistry to how it was originally tested.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to offering you the finest service with the absolute best chemicals available to our industry. This will prolong the life of your pool and its equipment, avoiding thousands of dollars of needless and costly repairs. We also want the pool owner to know and understand how to operate their pool properly.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pool or its operation, a free orientation will be given by one of our trained professionals.


Date: __________________

Name: _______________________________________ DL#________________

Address: _______________________ City:_______________ Zip: ___________

Home Phone #: ________________ Office#:___________________

Cell #:_________________ E-Mail____________________

Allowance for minor repairs $___________. (See note to pool owner)

The cost of pool service for your pool is $____________.


$25.00 late fee on past due accounts. $45.00 on returned checks. Accounts must be paid in full before accounts can be closed. As we are out only once a week and have no control over access to your property or bather loads, ultimately operation of your pool and its chemicals is YOUR responsibility. We have trained techs available to help if you have a problem or if you are having a party, please keep us informed. Excluding any mechanical or structural problems needing to be fixed, or excessive debris if you are not happy with the condition of the pool after the technician has left please call Mike at 214-405-3122 and we will return at no charge.(no credits issued)

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