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Pool tile

Summer brings family vacations, ice cream, and massive heatwaves—especially if you’re a resident of Texas. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their time outdoors without being uncomfortably hot. One easy way to enjoy your time outside is by going for a dip in the pool.

But what do you do if your home didn't already have a pool installed when you moved in? You could call a professional company to get a quote and have them install a pool for you, or you could look into the pros and cons of building your own pool.

Pros to Building Your Own Pool

  • Save money up front
  • Build at your own pace

Consider Your Finances

The springboard of any DIY project is usually your budget. The amount of money you’re willing to put into a new home addition will set up your plan and will help you understand which concessions and restrictions will need to be made in the planning or building stages.

A professional team can also help you make decisions on which filter and pump are best for your pool, as well as ensuring that the installation supports optimal circulation. Other decisions such as what material you want to use (plaster, colored plaster, exposed aggregate, etc.) for the interior of your pool, and how you want the pool to be designed for aesthetics of your backyard will all impact the cost of your pool.

What you save on hiring a professional pool contractor you’ll be able to use towards additional features or more expensive materials for the construction of your pool. However, the financial pros that usually accompany DIY projects may not balance out the cons when it comes to building your own pool.

Cons to Building Your Own Pool

  • Less professional/amateur-level work
  • Potential to become a money sinkhole
  • Less of a guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the end result

Lack of Experience

As you can likely imagine, there are many cons to building your own pool. The first of which is how a lack of expertise and experience can affect a construction project. Building a pool isn’t the same as building a birdhouse in your spare time. While DIY pool kits do exist, you’ll be expected to find your own crew and ensure that you have the correct equipment at the site to complete the job.

Even when you secure the correct equipment and supplies to get the job done, there’s no guarantee that your project will go as intended. If you don’t end up with the pool you wanted to begin with, or if something goes wrong in the construction process, you’ll be shelling out even more money down the line to fix or redo the job entirely.

Following the Codes

Legally, residential pools have many safety and building regulations to adhere to and inspections to undergo to ensure they are safe for use. While these vary from state to state and county to county, it’s often easier to let a professional crew complete the actual construction so you aren’t accidentally breaking any codes or laws in your construction.

Aesthetic Appeal

One final con to building your own pool is the aesthetics or design of your pool. Professional pool contractors have years of experience working with specialized designs meant to incorporate the materials of your home into your outdoor area or custom-built pools and spas designed with individual customers in mind. A professional team can help you bring your dream pool to fruition without you having to lift a finger in the process.

Building your pool yourself, even with the help of extra hired hands is the far riskier path. There’s no guarantee on the quality of work, and you could find your budget drained sooner than you may think if issues arise. Professional pool contractors will work with your vision to ensure you get the pool of your dreams at a set price range. Ultimately, hiring professional contractors to design and build your pool for you will give you a backyard pool to brag about.

If you want to create the perfect backyard oasis for yourself and your family, the professional team at Regal Custom Pools & Spas, LLC can help. Contact us today at (972) 441-7335 to get started on your summer staycation!