Blogs from October, 2019


We get asked all the time when is the best time to remodel my pool. A swimming pool expert is going to tell you anytime is a good time, but in reality the best time to remodel your pool is October, November, or into the first part of December after swimming season is over, and then again mid January through March or April. Obviously you’ll want the work done while no one is using the pool, but unfortunately most people wait until it starts getting warm and by then most quality pool companies are several weeks, sometimes months, from being able to start your dream pool. We like October or November because masonry products are slower which means you get a better quality job. Hint: most companies don’t have a huge backlog of remodeling projects during this time so a better deal is possible! Don’t let rain scare you- it may slow things down a little bit but if you’re not using your backyard time passes quickly! Also, suppliers usually have plenty of items in stock during this time (this also goes for January, February, and mid-March). Don’t wait on your remodel- you have more choices for materials and you might just get a little better price!